Worldwide official & original Cocooning raw material manufacturer

VANHEST GERMANY is the producer of the original raw materials used for making lamps which looks like COCOONING lamps. We provide all the materials, training, equipment and service to support your production to the highest level of design lamps. Due to the unique character of our concept the possibilities are endless. On our site you will find all the information about our products and the services you need. Beside this we are also proud to show some of the finest lamps and introduce you to the producers of these high quality products.

Our concept

Cocooning Raw Material

COCOONING is done with a synthetic material that looks barely distinguishable from the natural skin of a cocoon. In addition to the natural cocoon skin, this material has huge advantages due to its unique character and application method.

  • Our COCOONING skin envelops seamlessly the design frame
  • Our COCOONING skin needs little maintenance (washable)
  • Virtually unlimited lifespan
  • COCOONING opens unlimited possibilities in design

All these high quality advantages does not affect the natural properties of traditional lighting. The light output for example is very high (a full 100% more than a comparable textile lamp) and by the warm light becomes the room alive.

Our equipment

To work with our concept, in the best and most secure way, the use of professional equipment is evident for reaching the high quality standards of COCOONING lamps. Due to years of experience we can provide any cocoon producer, who chooses for us, with the best equipment possible. Equipment like spray-units, tubes and even spray-cabins are amongst the large range of equipment we can provide.

Our Training

Because of the specialism of our concept we do not only deliver the raw materials and equipment. Choosing for VANHEST GERMANY is choosing for a high professional integration of a new line in your business.
We make sure that anyone who will choose for our raw materials for the production of Cocooning lamps will be set in the right direction for high quality design. We will help you and advice you for the best possibilities of your production. One of our professional trainers will join your team on location anywhere in the world. We will give your employees a full training on location which will result in a professionally trained staff to help you on your way to produce the best products on the market.

Service and support

We believe that with a high quality product there has to be an outstanding service for any cocoon producer working with us. For that reason we are always (24/7) available to give you support in any way.